Los liftgates serie GPC de Maxon son los primeros liftgates estilo cantiléver diseñados y fabricados...

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Key Features:
  • Diseño, fabricación y servicio norteamericano para un soporte perfecto.
  • Tamaño y estabilidad excepcionales de la plataforma
  • La plataforma liviana de aluminio viene como característica estándar
  • Fácil de instalar
  • Bajo mantenimiento

Product Documentation (PDF)

Click HERE for GPC X1 Series (Discontinued)

Maxon's GPC-series liftgates are the first North American-designed and manufactured cantilever-style gates. They provide high lifting capacity (to 4,400 lbs) with large platforms and exceptional stability for both trucks and trailers.


Stable and Secure

All of Maxon's conventional liftgates offer exceptional stability and security, thanks to their ability to level the load on virtually any surface or terrain. Coupled with the convenience of potentially using the platform as the actual vehicle rear door and reliability that's been proven internationally, they're ideal for general freight handling where dock loading isn't frequently required.


Designed, Built, and Serviced in North America

Maxon's conventional cantilever-style liftgates are designed, built, and supported in North America, which means that after sales service, and parts are readily available when you need them. There's no waiting for parts to come in from overseas, or wondering who will support the gate in the future.


  • North American design, manufacturing and service for seamless support
  • Exceptional platform size and stability
  • Lightweight aluminum platform comes standard
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance

Click HERE for GPC X1 Series (Discontinued)

The GPC X1 cantilever with the all-extruded aluminum platform is easy to install and requires little maintenance.

X1 technology simplifies the entire lifting mechanism by eliminating two cylinders. The simple structure means that there is less to maintain over the life of the liftgate

  • Standard extruded aluminum platform is rust-proof and lightweight
  • When stowed, the underside of the flat platform surface is ideal for decals and has an aesthetic appeal
  • Waterproof hand-held remote control comes standard
  • Equipped with Service Switch, which enables the service mechanic to operate and test all lift functions
  • Less hoses, cylinders, and valves means less maintenance
  • Equipped with grease-free bearings
  • Standard dual cart stops and cab power cut off switch