El TE-25 / TE-30 aumenta la capacidad y el tamaño de la plataforma con respecto...

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Key Features:
  • Liftgate poderoso en un paquete económico
  • Plataformas de acero, acero/aluminio, y de aluminio
  • Pintado o galvanizado opcional 
  • Las versiones galvanizadas cuentan con placas de montaje sujetas con pernos
  • Opciones de escalón fijado con pernos o soldadura
  • Versiones de altura de cama baja
  • Accesorios de engrasado en todos los puntos de rotación críticos 

Product Documentation (PDF)

The TE-25/TE-30 increases the capacity and platform size relative to the TE-20 and 72-150, providing 2,500 lbs or 3,000 lbs lifting capacity with a up to 52” x 80” platform.


Practical and Functional

All Maxon Tuk-A-Way® gates feature platforms that stow out of the way when not needed and therefore accommodate dock loading. With a low-maintenance design featuring heavy-duty structural components and platforms, as well as a weather-sealed pump box to protect against the elements, Tuk-A-Way® gates are designed to provide long-term, reliable service.

The Original—and the Best

Maxon introduced the first Tuk-A-Way® lift in 1957. Since then, the concept has often been copied, but none have achieved the wide acceptance and success of our original. With 60+ years of innovation behind it, our current Tuk-A-Way® line offers options to fit virtually every need, on virtually every vehicle.


  • Powerful liftgate in an economic package
  • Steel, Steel/Aluminum as well as all Aluminum platforms
  • Painted or optional galvanized 
  • Galvanized versions feature bolt-on mount plates
  • Weld-on as well as bolt-on step options
  • Low bedheight  versions
  • Grease fittings at all critical rotation points