Maxon?s Slidelifts stow horizontally underneath the truck or trailer. Slidelifts don?t need extension plates and therefore can accommodate roll-up as well as swing doors. Maxon offers Slidelift products with level ride (GPSLR) as well as level-ramping ride (GPS).

Smart Options
All of Maxon?s Slidelift gates include rugged design and smart features like an optional hand held remote control, dual cart stops, and auto leveling.


With the introduction of the GPSLR series and optional SmartStow? technology, Maxon has made Slidelifts even easier to use. Press one button and SmartStow makes everything else automatic: detecting the correct height, stowing securely, and locking in place. Combined with a hydraulic locking system which locks the gate securely during transit, the GPSLR is the most full-featured, intelligent Slidelift on the market.