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DC/DC Converter Based Auxiliary Battery Charging Solutions 


Most Class 8 tractors have a much larger battery bank than a typical liftgate system and they serve as an excellent source of supplemental power for a liftgate system. When a tractor is connected to a trailer and utilizes a liftgate charging cable, also known as a stinger cord/cable and socket (either single or dual pole), to charge the liftgate batteries, this is considered the traditional method for supplying power to the liftgate battery banks. Sometimes this is not enough power to maintain the liftgate battery system and so trailers are susceptible to being unable to complete a trip or stuck with the gate in the down position.This can be frustrating when the batteries are not adequately charged.


Maxon's battery charging solutions ensure your liftgates are always ready to use, even in the most extreme heavy-duty applications or extreme weather.

Here are two solutions for you to consider:



  • Optimizes liftgate battery charging
  • Ensures batteries stay in top condition and ready for use
  • Wide variety of kits fit virtually every need and application
  • Ideal for extreme duty cycles or extreme weather