MAXON Product Update: Quality Alert 2020-03-24, BMR Connectors

MAXON Product Update: New Dedicated Ground Cable for the Tuk-A-Way® GPT and GPTLR Liftgate Models

Starter Solenoid Life Extending Technology (Patent Pending) and New Controller Cement MAXON's BMR's Market Lead

Standard Tuk-A-Way® Liftgates 72-150 & TE-20 Series Now Features Aluminum Platform Option (    November 24, 2015)

DC/DC Converter Based Auxiliary Battery Charging Solutions

ANNOUNCEMENT New Switch Connection Design on Maxon Tuk-A-Way® GPTs

MAXON's Next Generation BMR Columnlift® Features Innovative New Bolt-On Design

Hardware Kit for Bolt-On Tuk-A-Way® Extension Plates Now an Option (July 28, 2015)

Product Update: MAXON Updates Truck Charge Line Kit

MAXON Parts/Maintenance Manuals No Longer Included with Gate Shipments (March 05, 2015)

The GPT Tuk-A-Way® Now With Steel Shipping Rack (March 26, 2015 )

Product Update: MAXON GPT Switch Now Protected By a Switch Guard (January 2015)

Product Update: MAXON Updates Frameless Trailer Kit Instructions (January 2015)

Product Update: MAXON Changes Date Logic on Serial Number Plates(November 2014)

New Power Cables on Trailer Kits (January 2011)

Fusible Link Power Cables Changed on TUK-A-WAY Models (December 2010)

BMRA - Performance Above All (May 2010)

New Oil Filling Requirements for BMRA and BMRSD Units (May 2010)

BMRA (March 2010)

New Hydraulic Oil Standards on BMRA Units (March 2010)

The Evolution of the WL7 (October 2009)

New Upgrades to the GPT and GPTWR (June 2009)

GPT and GPTWR (June 2009)

GPT and GPTLR (March 2009)

CMVSS Certified Rear Impact Guards for GPT and GPTLR (March 2009)

BMRSD and BMRA (January 2009)

GPT and GPTWR (October 2008)

MTB (September 2008)

MAXPRO – MAXON’S Groundbreaking New Painting Process (August 2008)

BMRA (September 2007)

Motor Solenoids, RCM and GPTWR (April 2007)