Maxon was the first to bring the rail style liftgate to the United States during the 1970s. The Railift Series is a classic that never goes out of style because its heavy-duty level ride and dock loading capability are designed to handle some of the most demanding distribution requirements.


Extreme Dependability

The Railift Series is ideal for bulk delivery and wheeled cargo with a combination of dock and street delivery. Railifts provide a level ride through-out the lift for maximum load stability.


The RCM is designed for delivery systems requiring Medium-Duty lifting capacities. The RCM is ideal for full size and narrow van bodies, cutaways, step vans, platform and stake bodies. The RCM is unique in that it can be lowered below bed for dock loading or to access light parcels, and it can travel above bed height for access to docks when installed on low bed vehicles.


Maxon took the RC model a step further by offering the RCT, which expanded the capabilities to include a platform that stores below bed level and in dock- ready position.