The GPST is MAXON's latest addition to its Slider product range. This slider is explicitly designed for trucks and excels in performance as well as compact dimensions

  • The GPST features the unique X1 technology which utilizes only one lift and one tilt cylinder, resulting in less parts (e.g. less hoses, valves, etc.) and consequently less maintenance costs
  • The GPST utilizes two opposing cylinders to slide in and out resulting in a smooth and reliable deployment
  • The GPST features a unique Quick Lock mechanism. The Quick Lock carries the load (not the rollers) and avoids platform bouncing when moving load from the truck to the platform
  • The GPST flip over section is torsion spring assisted for effortless opening and closing
  • The GPST features 2-speed cylinders that slow the platform when it touches the ground and tilts down automatically