Maxon's GPSLR provides both the reliability and features you need to ensure fault-free, risk-free slider-type operation on all your trailers with capacity up to 4,400 lbs. With optional SmartStow® technology, using the gate is virtually a one-button job.


Level Ride; Accomodates both Roll-Up and Swing Doors

Maxon's GPSLR provides the level ride you need for precarious cargo, combined with horizontal stowage. The result is a gate that works with both roll-up and swing-style trailer doors.


Optional SmartStow® Technology

Press one button and SmartStow® makes everything else automatic: detecting the correct height, stowing securely, and locking in place. Combined with a hydraulic locking system which locks the gate securely during transit, the GPSLR is the most full-featured, intelligent slider-type product on the market.

GPSLR Gate Overview

  • Optional SmartStow® technology offers one-button, automatic stowing, including height detection and locking
  • Stores underneath rear of trailer
  • Lightweight design with aluminum platform standard
  • Level ride travel for a platform that sits flat on the ground
  • Ships completely assembled