Una carrera nivelada desde el camión y en todo el trayecto hasta el suelo es...

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Key Features:
  • Carrera nivelada desde el camión hasta el suelo
  • Perfecto para carretas pesadas y tarimas
  • Diseño de rodillo que hace que el desplegado sea de acción rápida
  • Configuraciones de defensas de múltiples estribos y para muelle de carga
  • Receptor opcional de seguro de muelle
  • Opciones para dispositivos que van en la parte inferior que cumplen con las normas de la NHTSA y la FMVSS/CMVSS
  • Sistema exclusivo de guía de la carga

Product Documentation (PDF)

Level ride from the truck all the way to the ground is what Maxon's GPTLR deliverswhile handling up to 5,500 lbs of cargo. With a variety of platform and ramp options, it's ideal for handling top heavy carts and palletized loads.


Practical and Functional

All Maxon Tuk-A-Way® gates feature platforms that stow out of the way when not needed and therefore accommodate dock loading. With a low-maintenance design featuring heavy-duty structural components and platforms, as well as a weather-sealed pump box to protect against the elements, Tuk-A-Way® gates are designed to provide long-term, reliable service.


The Original—and the Best

Maxon introduced the first Tuk-A-Way® lift in 1957. Since then, the concept has often been copied, but none have achieved the wide acceptance and success of our original. With 50+ years of innovation behind it, our current Tuk-A-Way® line offers options to fit virtually every need, on virtually every vehicle.


  • Rides level from the truck to the ground
  • Perfect for top heavy carts and pallets
  • Roller design makes unfolding a snap
  • Multiple step and dock bumper configurations
  • Optional dock-lock receiver
  • Options for NHTSA and FMVSS/CMVSS compliant underride devices
  • Exclusive Load Guidance System
  • Galvanized Finish – STANDARD!