Liftgate Charging System


Direct™ is a single source liftgate charging system that controls and...

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Key Features:
  • DC/DC Based Auxillairy Charging System
  • Built-In Diagnostics Via LED Indicator Lights
  • System Compensates For Temperature And Voltage Drops
  • Intelligent Controller Extends Charge Time

Product Documentation (PDF)

Maxon offers a host of industry-leading charging solutions for auxiliary batteries. Some of these solutions help optimize the re-charge of batteries by making the most out of the power that is available (generated by the alternator). Only solar panels add additional power beyond what the alternator generates and only solar panels can charge when the engine is off. The optimal auxiliary battery charging solution depends on a fleets specific needs and re-charge profile (e.g. run times between stops, climate, etc.). Contact your Maxon sales representative to discuss the best solution for your application.


  • Industry leading power output    
  • Enhanced performance under all light conditions  
  • Designed and engineered in the USA  
  • Outstanding aesthetics
  • Redundancy by design  
  • Robust module integrity and performance under extreme conditions
  • Military grade design, materials and approvals


  • Maintains and recharges 12V house batteries and liftgate batteries  
  • Charge through optimized charge controller operational even on cloudy days  
  • Easy to install, peel & stick flexible solar panels
  • Built-in diodes in the solar panel to handle shading
  • Robust MAX SOL grid technology to handle the harsh vibrations of the trailer roof


  • Daily charges of the liftgate battery bank to accommodate parasitic loads 
  • Prevents battery drainage as units sit unused  
  • Eliminates “lot rot” at dealerships or distribution centers
  • Maintenance-free


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