Maxon?s BMR Columnlift is the culmination of all the best technology, features, and options of any liftgate on the market, offering superior performance?by any measure.


The Highest Performance Lift

Maxon?s Columnlift is unlike any other column lift on the market. Built tough with rugged columns to withstand gate impacts, precision-engineered with self-centering rollers (optional slide pads available too) to eliminate the possibility of jams, and designed with lock valves for operator safety, the BMR offers superior performance to any other column lift?faster operation, lower power consumption, and reduced maintenance costs are only the start.


Every detail has been carefully thought through. LED taillights last longer, burn brighter, and don?t radiate heat, which can damage dock seals. The wiring harness features Deutsche electrical connectors that are watertight and have a snap-together fitting that ensures uninterrupted contact, thus eliminating most corrosion problems.


The optional aluminum platform reduces the overall weight of the liftgate, provides superior strength, and allows the truck or trailer carrier to haul heavier payloads.


And to top it all of: the BMR comes GALVANIZED STANDARD ? at no additional cost!