Liftgate Warranty Policy

Type of Warranty:

Full Parts and Labor


Term of Warranty:

Standard Liftgates - 2 years from ship date or 6,000 cycles
Premium Liftgates - 2 years from ship date or 10,000 cycles


This warranty shall not apply unless the product is installed, operated and maintained in accordance with MAXON Lift’s specifications as set forth in MAXON Lift’s Installation, Operation and Maintenance manuals. This warranty does not cover normal wear, maintenance or adjustments, damage or malfunction caused by improper handling, installation, abuse, misuse, negligence, or carelessness of operation. In addition, this warranty does not cover equipment that has had unauthorized modifications or alterations made to the product.


MAXON agrees to replace any components which are found to be defective during the warranty period, and will reimburse for labor based on MAXON's Liftgate Warranty Flat Rate Schedule. (Copy of the Flat Rate is available here)


All warranty repairs must be performed by an authorized MAXON warranty facility. For any repairs that may exceed $500, including parts and labor, MAXON's Technical Service Department must be notified and an "Authorization Number" obtained.