RMA Policy & Procedure

All components (gates or replacement parts) may be subject to return for inspection, prior to the claim being processed. MAXON products may not be returned without prior written approval from MAXON's Technical Service Department.

Qualifying Gates and Replacement Parts

Gates – Any gate may be returned if determined by Maxon to be:

  • An error caused by Maxon
  • Shipping damage if by a Maxon contracted carrier

A gate may be returned to Maxon if:

  • Gate was invoiced by Maxon within the last 3 Months
  • Gate is not a special order request (SOR)
  • Gate has not been partially or completely installed to a truck or trailer
  • Gate has not been altered

Replacement Parts - Any replacement part may be returned to Maxon if

  • Replacement part was invoiced by Maxon within the last 12 months
  • Invoiced amount for part is greater than $50
  • Replacement part is in new sellable condition

If your return meets the criteria noted above, you must file an online claim.

Filing Claim Instructions

To file a claim, go to: http://www.maxonlift.com/support/warranty/rma

For GATES, select "ONLINE GATES RMA SUBMISSION"; complete the form and all required fields.

For REPLACEMENT PARTS, select "ONLINE PARTS RMA SUBMISSION"; complete the form and all required fields.

Note that if more than 10 part numbers are to be returned, please contact Maxon's Customer Service Department at (800) 227-4116.

Customer Return Instructions

Returns must be made within 30 days from date of issue of the RMA confirmation to avoid automatic cancellation of RMA. If a CALL TAG is issued by Maxon, the returnee will be responsible for contacting the assigned carrier to schedule a pick-up. All RMA confirmations and call tags are issued within 48 hours. If a response is not received, contact Maxon's RMA coordinator. A return address will be provided on the RMA confirmation.
The RMA number must be clearly marked on all packages and a copy of the RMA must accompany the shipment. Failure to clearly mark all packages with the RMA number will result in additional handling charges which will be deducted from your credit. It is solely the responsibility of the returnee to package all parts so that they are not lost or damaged during the return shipping. Credit will not be issued to parts that are damaged or lost during shipping.

Terms and Conditions

All material returned must be clean, un-installed and un-mounted condition. Gates or replacement parts not returned in this condition will not be considered for credit. MAXON is not responsible for returning these materials.
The credit received will be based on the original invoice price. Note that fees may be applicable. Credit received may be reduced by the following fees:

  • 0% if due to a Maxon error as determined by Maxon
  • 30% restocking fee (except for Maxon errors)
  • 60% restocking fee if:
    • Material is returned without clearly marking all packages with the RMA number
    • Serial number of the gate does not match the serial number on the claim
    • Parts are returned that are not on the claim
      Unless part is determined to be greater than one year since being invoiced for which no credit will be issued

NOTE: Gates returned are subject to a refurbishment charge which could be up to the complete value of the gate.

Maxon allows for 15 days from the credit issuance date to dispute the credit amount. Acceptance of these terms and conditions shall be deemed to occur upon return of any materials to Maxon.

Maxon’s parts warranty terms do NOT apply to “pass-through” products that Maxon does not manufacture. Examples for such products are solar charging panels, DC/DC based charging solutions, batteries, etc. For warranty terms on these items please refer to the respective manufacturers warranty policy. Please also contact the manufacturer directly for parts warranty claims and the correct submission process.