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Maxon’s MAX LINK™ takes liftgate performance to a new standard. Adding connectivity to a liftgate, MAX LINK® identifies any liftgate status issues that may arise before they cause needless downtime. Get real-time notifications directly via our app.

■ Maximize up time
■ Reduce cost of ownership (Maximize value)
■ System identifies failures patterns and maintenance items allowing for predictive maintenance
■ System can be remotely monitored through a Telematic service provider Accessibility to Data
■ Locally at liftgate with smart device (Android or IOS)
■ Hardware or wireless interface to Telematic provider’s system

Data Privacy

■ Customer controls data
■ MAX LINK™ analyzes data to identify any issues before they cause downtime and sends notification that preventive maintenance is needed


Common Data Requested

■ Liftgate cycle count
■ Motor run hours (Motor life)
■ Charging system status
■ Battery status (SOC)
■ Code/messaging for Maintenance/System issues